Why choose Intelequest?

How it all began.

Intelequest started many years ago with the simple vision of “solving tomorrow’s problems today”. While many people may solve problems we wanted to prevent them from ever happening in the first place. The idea of managed or outsourced IT services is not a new one but we felt it could be done better, for lack of a better term we felt we could “simplifyIT”. For years we heard from companies that were sold technology items or services that they had no use for or had absolutely no idea how to use them. Intelequest knew from the start that there should not and could not be a “cookie cutter” solution when it came to IT services. We knew that we needed to form a relationship with each customer and truly get to know them and their needs before we could make any sort of recommendation.

Why Intelequest?

Intelequest has been empowering consumers and business alike for many years. At Intelequest we are dedicated to providing dependable IT services that are custom designed to address the needs of you and your company. As technology continues to evolve, it has become more important than ever to have a reliable technology advisor by your side. Whether the time has come to establish a new vision or put one into place, we can help you discover the best tech to rectify your toughest problems–no matter what your business does or where you’re located. Intelequest’s mission is to “simplify IT” by taking the guesswork out of IT and making it as easy as possible for you and your business to succeed. At Intelequest you can count on us to be upfront, honest and with you every step of the way. We gain nothing by “selling” you something you don’t need. Our job is to help you find the best solution to address your problem and be there to assist you for years to come. Intelequest’s technology expertise and insight continue to help companies compete and thrive each and every day.

Our Misson

Our customized IT services are intended to support, secure and enhance our customers’ business success through highly reliable and optimized IT solutions.
With our customer-oriented approach, we create an enjoyable IT experience for all users, on all levels.
At the heart of our business values, is our service excellence based on years of experience in IT support and network development projects. With our many clients, our outstanding customer orientation, integrity, reliability and open communication style allows us to be your first choice in IT services!

Testimonials...What our customers think

"Quick, highly efficient, and cost-effective service! These guys are on top of it! What else could a customer ask for?"

John M.

Business Owner, Colorado

"It has been a pleasure to work with the team at Intelequest over the last year. They are extremely technical and knowledgeable in the IT industry. As IT consultants, Intelequest has provided us with knowledge and information about the industry as a whole. They are always on top of things and provide us with great support and service. We truly enjoy working with them and would highly recommend their services to any company looking for a top-notch IT company. It's so refreshing to find an IT company you can actually trust."

Mark S.

CEO, Kansas

"The value of our relationship with Intelequest goes way beyond the money. Their staff, support, and recommendations have worked for us time and time again – we will continue to use the guys at Intelequest for all our IT needs. Thanks!!”

Tyson S.

Hotel Owner, Colorado