Evaluating your Network

Network Vulnerability Scans & Assessments

Regularly scheduled network vulnerability scans can help your business identify weaknesses in their security before an attack can be mounted against you. The goal of a vulnerability scan or conducting an external vulnerability assessment is to identify the devices on your network that are open to known vulnerabilities without actually compromising your systems.

While performing a vulnerability scan is an excellent start, Intelequest feels the real value of our services emerge from implementing a process that addresses the identified vulnerabilities. Intelequest will not only conduct the assessments, we will also ensure that each vulnerability found is addressed with easy to follow and understand mitigation recommendations.

At Intelequest we believe that conducting periodic vulnerability scans is the perfect complement to applying the necessary security patches for any new critical vulnerability discovered as well as performing regular antivirus updates. Quarterly vulnerability scans go a long way in helping your business make sure you discover and mitigate any weaknesses in your network before they can be exploited.

Penetration Testing

Penetration tests are either focused on a hardened and locked down environment or a specific platform and/or service that a business wants validation for to ensure nothing was missed or that there is a yet un-discovered flaw or vulnerability. Intelequest's Penetration Testing is often used as validation for sensitive systems or to assess what can be achieved with a mix of advanced threats and social engineering. Intelequest will leverage both automatic and manual methods as well as reporting on the path the attacker took or the exploits used to infiltrate the system.

An Intelequest Penetration test follows these steps:
- Determination of scope and target(s)
- Information gathering or reconnaissance
- Exploitation attempts for access and escalation
- Sensitive data collection and ex-filtration testing
- Clean up, evidence collection and reporting


While this step is often overlooked or forgotten entirely we at Intelequest believe it is arguably the most important part of network testing in general. After performing our scans and assessments Intelequest will identify the discovered security vulnerabilities/risks in a proactive and transparent manner. We will help you implement solutions BEFORE threats can damage the integrity of your business. Intelequest will also provide management of the remediation process, limiting the damage that could be inflicted by a breach in the first place. Intelequest will help your business not only understand how vulnerable your critical assets can be to cyber-attacks but we will also ensure you have protection in place to help you understand and achieve hassle-free compliance in an efficient manner