Building your WiFi Framework

Best Practices

Intelequest realizes that the wireless office is a reality. Intelequest develops and implements best practices for setting up robust, secure wireless infrastructure. Our practices improve the day to day wireless within your office as well as quality of service (QOS) for voice and video applications
Several benefits come along with allowing Intelequest to implement these best practices for your business:
- Consistent wireless performance and user experiences.
- Better support of devices that are dependent on wireless connectivity

We Have the Key

The key to making the right technology decisions and to ensuring these projects go smoothly is to have a strategy and detailed plan in place before implementing a wireless solution. Preparation is even more important when building a wireless infrastructure. Because wireless products must, by design, touch many different parts of your business environment, Intelequest will take extra precaution to ensure sure all goes as planned during an implamentation.

The 7-Step process

Intelequest has developed a simple 7 step plan to ensuring your wireless infrastructure works as designed for many years to come.

1. Evaluate your needs
2. Plan for your wireless needs
3. Trial rollout
4. Testing
5. Training
6. Production rollout
7. Ongoing maintenance

Planning and implementing your company's wireless strategy doesn't have to be a difficult process. Give us a call today to discuss how Intelequest can help your business ensure their wireless needs are covered.